Many employers focus their efforts solely on drug and alcohol testing programs, while often overlooking education for their employees.
This online Reasonable Suspicion and Managing Impairment for Employees online course reviews a number of core topics relating to reasonable suspicion and workplace impairment so that your workers are aware of how drugs and alcohol negatively impact safety, productivity, and culture on a job site or workplace.

This online Reasonable Suspicion and Managing Impairment for Supervisors course covers the following topics:

  • An introduction to the topic

  • Employer and employee obligations

  • The characteristics of the modern workforce and how this impacts substance use trends

  • Facts on medical and recreational cannabis use in Canada

  • Tips for reviewing, updating and implementing your drug and alcohol policy

  • Tips on when to use drug testing and why

  • How to document reasonable suspicion and trigger testing

  • Post-incident testing tips and timelines

  • Tips on accommodating prescription drug use

This course is not just for those employees currently working in the safety departments or for employees holding leadership positions in their organizations. All employees with a basic, entry level knowledge of safety in the workplace can use this program to improve their own safety and positively influence the overall safety culture in their workplace.




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