Communicate Drug & Alcohol Awareness Effectively. Understand the risks in the workplace.

A worker’s Alcohol or Drug use puts all those around them at risk for accidents and injury. Although the employer has the main duty of ensuring compliance with OH&S Legislation, it is the responsibility of both the employee and the employer to act in accordance with it.

This Alcohol and Drug Awareness Online course focuses on the keys of being “fit-for-work” and recognizes individual responsibilities for safeguarding the health and safety of everyone.t.

This Online Alcohol and Drug Awareness Course Covers:

  • The high incidence of alcohol and drug-related issues in the workplace today

  • The Legalities on “fit-for-work” guidelines in the workplace

  • Safety compliance

  • Alcohol and drug awareness principles

  • The actions to take if a worker may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Penalties for non-compliance

  • Why you may be asked to take an Alcohol and Drug test at work




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