The Driver Information Management System makes administration easy through direct integration with our safety learning management system (LMS). This allows for seamless communication with the Training Record Management System and online learning centre.

The system tracks all required driver information including license number, expiry, and type as well as medical certification and more! Hosting documents such as Driver’s Abstracts sync to expiry alerts and reporting dashboards for administrators. The software will automatically send email notifications to let drivers, supervisors, and system administrator know about important compliance items.

Driver Information Management System

Once the Driver Information Management System is all set up, you can upload any required documents, including driver’s abstracts, license, driver history, collision information, annual assessments, traffic infractions, medical certifications, release forms, and vehicle use agreements. The list can be customized according to specific company needs.

Files can be uploaded in .pdf, .jpg, .png and even Excel (.xml) and Word (.doc) file formats. Drag and Drop functionality make this easy!

Uploaded files are accessible online to any system administrator and details can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet, providing a summary of each driver’s name, ID, license number, class, type, expiry, location, risk class, and any other documents loaded into the system.

The Driver Information Management System allows you to track a driver’s safety training and certifications as needed.

Classroom and online courses can be tracked and compiled as each course is completed, giving you a real-time window into each driver’s compliance and permissions.

Through the system’s central safety course library, you can access leading driver training courses, including Hours of Service, Weights and Dimensions, Daily Trip Inspections, Cargo Securement, WHMIS and hundreds more.

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Commercial Driver Compliance Program
Safety Compliance

Company-wide safety compliance is a major task even for the most experienced Safety professional. Our software allows you to manage all aspects of your safety program in one spot. Simply choose the features your company needs to make life easier. Popular solutions include:

  • Moving daily paperwork online (APP)

  • Building internal online courses

  • Integrating a training matrix

  • Online policy sign-offs and more!

  • Managing competencies and training

  • Digital onboarding with online paperwork

We help you establish and maintain a safety compliance program in your organization using software to make the process manageable and to improve the quality and flexibility of training. Schedule a call to find out what products are right for your company.