Access a wide range of safety tools from your phone including your complete collection of training certificates, safety forms, company policies/ procedures, and more!


Download and complete digital safety forms on a mobile device


Scan custom QR codes to verify training records


Course certificates are also stored on the app for easy review

Support your most important health & safety objectives with one convenient EHS App

Whether you’re an employee, contractor, employer, or prime contractor, this app has something for you. As an employee or contractor, you can download and store training certificates, complete audit and inspections, and even sign off on company policies and procedures, all from your tablet or smartphone. As an employer or prime contractor, you can scan certificates as well as search and verify training records in real time before allowing anyone on your work site.

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Fully Integrated mobile APP for Safety & Training compliance

Instant mobile access to training tickets, corporate policies and online/offline forms

The Features

SafeTapp is Field Tested and a Proven Solution for Effective Safety Management.

Training Record Storage

Offline Forms

Digital Folders

Offline Access

QR Code Technology

Offline Forms

You now have the power to build your own digital forms in minutes or choose one from our large template library. Thanks to SafeTapp, forms become easier than over to access, anytime, anywhere, even offline. Designed for use in the field, easily complete a wide array of custom forms, including incident investigations, hazard assessments, and competency validations, and access real-time incident reporting, alerts, and notifications. It’s also never been easier to capture photos, videos and more-even when offline.

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ID Badges

SafeTapp can also be used to:

  • Scan BIStrainer generated ID badges

  • Access the resulting list of training records

NO QR code scan? No problem. SafeTapp also allows for manual verification.

By entering a worker’s certificate number and last name into SafeTapp, you can access details of their training, including the course title, expiry date, ID certification status, and more. By inputting a user ID, you can pull a complete history of that worker’s training, then click on a record to receive more information and view copies of their certificates.

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SafeTapp – Secure Training Record Storage and Offline Forms

Secure Your Safety Compliance Effortlessly: Access Training Records and Forms Anywhere with SafeTapp. Download now for seamless management of certificates, policies, procedures, and more on your phone or tablet.