Streamlining 3rd party safety training for your company thru a corporate Client program

Safety Training Programs

A “Corporate Client Program” is deployed to handle the company’s Safety training program through a third-party service provider. The company can implement and manage its training without any per-user monthly fees outside of course seats utilized by employees. It reduces the administrative work, eases access to training programs and reduces the overall cost of training your team.

The company can access over 1800 industry-leading online safety courses from 70+ North American partners. This mobile-friendly system comes complete with, excelreporting, dashboards, an integrated training matrix, and more, all from your private company portal. The company can select the training courses from the branded store, assign the courses to the employees, run reports to view training gaps, completions, etc. and use use the training matrix to auto-assign courses to the employees.

You can streamline your company’s training program and reduce the time spent on admin. For a low, one time set up fee of $750, the SET Safety team will create your company portal complete with your branding, logo and colors. Training records and courses are accessible thru the free integrated mobile application – SAFETAPP.

Automatic alerts can be configured for new training assignments, expiring courses , and reminders to complete outstanding training for the employees. Administrators can also view the employee’s training progress and their status at any point in time. Various excel reports can be generated and alerts can be configured as per the company’s needs. In addition to reducing administrative savings, factor in the ease of access for training remote employees, eliminating scheduling and travel challenges associated with classroom-style training.

The main features of our Corporate Client Program are:

  • Company portal with full administrative controls
  • System will showcase your corporate logo and colors
  • Unlimited access to the Training Matrix
  • Unlimited access to the excel reporting system
  • Unlimited access to the reporting dashboards
  • Automatically receive all expiring course notifications for all employees and even managers and supervisors
  • Free integration with our Mobile APP, Safetapp
  • Configure custom notifications rules and alerts, like course reminders to your employees to complete unfinished online courses
  • Full access to the network course library of over 1,800 courses. Various pricing programs are available depending on your training needs. Contact us to discuss
  • Control over what’s displayed on your store and what is displayed on the backend content pool

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