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5 Reasons to Take A Defensive Driving Course Online

Benefits of Online Driving Course

Online Defensive Driving Courses

Why take a defensive driving course online? There are many answers to the question– so many that they won’t all fit in one article! Keep reading for SET Safety’s top five reasons to opt for our online delivery of the Alberta Government approved 3-demerit reduction defensive driving course.

  1. Cost savings
  2. Self-paced learning
  3. Low-stress learning environment
  4. Convenience
  5. No scheduling challenges


#1: Cost savings

This reason is so obvious it almost didn’t make the list! Online courses only need a fraction of the overhead used for in-class training: no facilities, no staff, no supplies and minimal time loss mean the savings are passed directly onto the customer. Whether the course’s cost is part of your or your company’s budget, the savings will ultimately benefit you.

#2: Self-paced learning

SET Safety’s online delivery means you or your students will never have to rush or skim through the course. Our Alberta Government-approved defensive driving course can be completed in sections, saving your progress as you go.

#3: Low-stress learning environment

Many people have had negative experiences with classrooms and teacher-student relationships– this is simply not an issue with SET Safety’s online courses! Our learning material is interactive, easily accessible and designed to encourage self-motivated study.

#4: Convenience

Not only is it comfortable, a SET Safety online defensive driving course is totally convenient. It can be completed in the comfort of your own home, at any time of day and at any pace you desire. Whether done at a desk, at home or in a coffee shop, you and your students can customize your learning environment exactly to your needs.

#5: No scheduling challenges

A traditional defensive driving course can take up an entire day of productivity, which is almost impossible to schedule into your busy life. SET Safety’s courses eliminate any hassle with finding classroom-training vendors, juggling multiple itineraries or handling last-minute cancellations.

The above five reasons are only a summary of the wide range of advantages offered by SET Safety’s online defensive driving course. Forget traditional classroom delivery: our Alberta Government-approved, 3-demerit reduction course is the most convenient, modern way to absorb information. Contact SET Safety today and our expert staff will answer all of your questions and concerns.


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