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Behavior Based Safety Training ProgramsBehaviour-based safety, or BBS, is at the core of a diverse range of modern safety training programs. Large corporations and small businesses alike recognize the benefit of stopping accidents and injuries before they happen. BBS is founded on the principle of curing dangerous practices and behaviours, resulting in higher productivity and safer work environments. Check out SET Safety’s guide to Behaviour-Based Safety training courses below.

Relationship Between Safety, Quality and Productivity


Behaviour-based safety training is built around the scientific method. When applied to an industry, workforce or production chain, BBS often begins as an observation. Once all of the procedures have been documented, it is easier to observe where your safety regulations or motivational programs can fall short. It is important to be familiar with the underlying facts and figures influencing how your business operates.


Often business owners will try to incentivize or monetize safety programs, hoping for better results. Unfortunately, this usually ends up with employees cutting even more corners to achieve the specified goal– which only gets worse with more valuable or atypical “prizes.” BBS puts the focus on compensating or encouraging employees for good behaviours, instead of focusing on a quota, benchmark or result.
SET Safety’s BBS training courses cover four main chapters:

  • Behaviour explains different motivators behind risky and safe behaviour;
  • Habit breaks down how habits are formed, broken and improved;
  • Behaviour-based safety (BBS) illustrates the full story of BBS, its core tenants and the four-step method to a safer workplace or home.
  • Culture shows how to make BBS training a team effort, no matter where you work, play or live!

If your business could benefit from Online Behaviour-Based Safety training, contact SET Safety today! Our online courses can be customized for any size of the workforce and can be integrated into any safety training system. Our online BBS course is NOW available.

Behavior Based Safety

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