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Safety Managers – Tracking Employee Certifications Online vs. In Microsoft Excel

Training Record Management System (Cloud-based )

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Certificates and training records stored in different locations can be a constant source of stress. Thanks to cloud-based Training Record Management systems, you can now stop worrying about tracking down physical training records. A cloud-based Training Record Management System eliminates the need to track your employees’ training records in Excel which, in turn, makes it easier to save a significant amount of money and time. This cloud-based system is designed to provide a simple way to centrally manage, host and maintain safety training records.

Centrally Manage and Maintain All Training Records with the SET Safety

Integrated API’s

You can perform batch uploads quickly and easily using integrated API’s and it can handle data of varying sizes. Data is accessible via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The system also sends email notifications when certificate expiry dates are approaching. This prevents costly deficiencies in safety certifications. Training records expiry alerts are sent to system administrators, employees and managers. Multi-level notifications make it easier for all stakeholders to stay well-informed about compliance for the training requirements. Each location and department is featured in the notifications.

Automatic Access

You can assign a number of courses to specific positions and locations by integrating a unique training matrix. As a result, the system ensures that your employees gain automatic access to approved course topics. The training can be conducted online or in a classroom. With the Training Record Management System, you simply upload records in bulk.

Easy to Manage

It is also possible to grant members of staff the permission to upload records. The system is designed to give you an opportunity to accept or reject any records uploaded directly to the employees’ profiles via email alerts. Furthermore, you can count on this solution to track courses completed in the field, classroom or anywhere outside your organization.

Robust Functionality Encompasses Storage

The system’s robust functionality encompasses storage, tracking and reporting. When you create hundreds of user accounts for your staff, the records are automatically linked to each user’s profile. The data can be organized by course title, the record’s expiry date, course vendor or completion date. Additionally, you can sort the records by your employees’ first and last names or training provider. The solution allows you to upload copies of the certificates to validate the listed training records or download all records to filter within Excel.

Advanced Training Matrix Integration

With the matrix integration, you can match courses with specific locations and job descriptions within your organization. The process involves entering a list of relevant job roles and the available courses. From ground disturbance, fall protection and WHMIS, the system provides a more comprehensive storage, tracking and reporting solution for safety and other training records.

The training matrix is automatically generated based on the employee and training information entered into the system. You will no longer spend hours working on the records. By clicking on the specific boxes that link roles and training, you can easily and conveniently assign courses to roles listed in the system. You can proceed to customize the training requirements by geographic location. This is aimed at helping your organizations satisfy varying regulatory requirements in different locations.

The system also enables you to provide a list of approved courses for each training topic appearing on your company’s account. To achieve this objective, you are required to enter details, such as training topic, course provider and approved formats. This means your employees can only upload or submit approved records to their safety training profiles.

Gap Analysis Report

All training assignments can be tracked to ensure that workers complete the coursework. You can perform a training gap analysis report with a single click or create custom reporting dashboards! The reports help you identify individuals that are lagging behind in the safety training requirements tied to the matrix. It shows the safety training topic, the name of the employee and the location. The report is formatted using Excel, which allows you to follow up on specific individuals.

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