Corporate Client Program

Corporate Training Accounts

Implement and manage company training without the monthly per-user fees.

For every company, safety training is critical tool for informing employees about workplace hazards and controls. Often a distributed workforce or fast-paced workplace environment can make training management a major challenge.

Reduce the administrative work and cost of training your team.

With SET Safety you can access over 1,900 industry-leading ONLINE safety courses, excel reporting, dashboards, the training matrix, and more. All from your private company portal.

  • Select training courses from your branded store
  • Run reports to view training gaps, completions, and much more
  • Use the Training Matrix to auto assign training to employees

Streamline your company training program and reduce the time spent on admin

For a low, one time fee, the SET Safety team will create your company portal complete with your branding and colors. Use your portal as your company’s HR and training hub.


  • Company portal with administrative control of the system.
  • Your portal will show your logo and colors
  • Unlimited access to the Training Matrix
  • Unlimited access to the excel reporting system
  • Unlimited access to the reporting dashboards
  • Receive all expiring course notifications for all employees and even managers and supervisors
  • Configure their own rules system notifications rules and alerts, like course reminders to your employees to complete unfinished online courses.
  • Full access to the network course library of over 1,900 courses. Control over what’s displayed on your store and what is displayed on the backend content pool.

Online training is available 24/7 and provides a low-stress, self-paced learning environment for employees. With content from over 70 popular training companies, SET Safety is a one-stop-shop for training content ONLINE. Various course pricing programs are available.

SET Safety also offers enterprise-level LMS and safety software designed for businesses of all sizes.


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  • Transferring Knowledge
  • Saving Money
  • Improving Company Safety
  • Reducing Administration
  • Competency Validation
  • Data Security

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