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Why Should I Reduce My Demerits?

Demerit Point Reduction: Your Key to Safe Driving in Alberta

Defensive Driving 3 Demerit Reduction (Alberta) Online CourseFor drivers who receive the odd speeding ticket once or twice a year, demerits may never become a serious issue– however, those that drive many kilometers daily for work or other reasons may find themselves at risk of suspension. Read on for SET Safety’s guide to Alberta’s demerit point system and why it can be very helpful to enroll you or your employees in our 6 hours, online Defensive Driving demerit reduction course.

Mastering Demerit Points: Strategies for Safe Driving Success

What is a Demerit Point?

Demerit points are applied against an operator’s licence when they are convicted of a driving offense. The amount of demerit points is determined by the convicting officer and outlined by Alberta Transportation and Alberta Justice.

What Happens When I Get Too Many Demerits?

When you have more than 8 but less than 15 demerits, a courtesy notice is mailed to you. When you accumulate 15 or more demerits in less than two years, your licence is automatically suspended for one month. If it is your second suspension in one year, the suspension lasts three months. If it is your third or more in two years, the suspension is six months and there may be further punishment.

How Do I Appeal Demerits?

There is no appeal against demerit points or a suspension unless you were convicted or assigned the points in error. Driver Fitness and Monitoring receives written appeals and may approve a review of your driving record. Reducing your demerits before the 15 point limit is the only way to prevent a suspension.

When Are Demerits Removed?

Demerit points are removed from a driver’s record when two years have passed since the date of conviction.

Note: “Date of conviction” is when you pay the fine or found guilty in absence, not the date of the offense.

The easiest method to remove demerits is taking SET Safety’s online Defensive Driving demerit reduction course, which results in a 3 point removal if taken before going over the 15 point limit. This makes it the ideal tool for driving professionals and their employers. Contact the experts at SET Safety today for a full rundown of our driver’s training services.

Online Defensive Driving Training

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