6 Reasons to Provide Employee Orientations Online

Effective New Employee Online OrientationThe days of trainees cracking thick employee manuals and dense workplace standards are over– it’s a new age of digital, paper-free educational tools! SET Safety is proud to offer online employee orientation hosting and management programs to help streamline your training procedures. Read on for a summary of the benefits.


Online Employee Orientations

  1. Streamlined delivery
  2. Two-tiered training
  3. Empowered employees
  4. Digitally defended
  5. Engaging content
  6. High-end efficiency

1: Streamlined delivery

There is no substitute for the efficient and hassle-free learning environment created by a customized, online orientation program. Your trainees can interact directly with the subject matter at their own speed, avoiding the human error that comes with instructors and hardcopy materials.

2: Two-tiered training

While many training programs claim to enhance online or interactive elements, the reverse is actually true. Online courses are a proven way to establish a foundation of knowledge in new trainees. On-site, “real world” teaching and guidance is best used to restate the theory covered in an online orientation.

3: Empowered employees

With an online orientation program and database management, you can stay on top of your trainees’ progress at the touch of a button. The system automatically alerts you to their training and orientation results after they successfully complete the program. This updates immediately– notifying the employer, manager or supervisor responsible for new hires.

4: Digitally defended

Online orientations and other online programs are all monitored and protected by digital safeguards. These safety features allow your users to authenticate their accounts, ensuring their activity adheres to all procedures and standards. Thanks to our “virtual proctoring,” you can validate who is taking the online course!

5: Engaging content

One of the most important features of online orientations is interactivity! The ability to engage with the subject matter promotes better retention among trainees and students– unlike the inefficient lecture-like setting of a classroom or boardroom. Tailored exactly to your needs, SET Safety’s can help you create your own internal orientation online or you can manage/ upload existing content independently!

6: High-end efficiency

Thanks to online orientations, employers, supervisors and managers reduce the amount of time spent on training fundamentals. Instead, your upper management can be more productive while interactive programs guide new hires through the basics. Take back valuable work hours and allow your staff to feel more connected with online orientations.

Are you tired of your current orientation program? Are you looking to help bring your business into the digital age? Contact SET Safety today for a thorough explanation and catalogue of our wide range of interactive tools.

Top 10 Employee Onboarding Orientation Program:

  1. Construction Safety Orientation
  2. Industrial Safety Orientation
  3. HAZWOPER: Safety Orientation
  4. Landscaping Safety (OSHA)
  5. Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  6. Entry-Level Driver Training: Orientation
  7. Orientation: Train the Trainer
  8. Orientation to Laboratory Safety
  9. ICS 402 Awareness
  10. Winter Driving Fundamentals DVD
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