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6 Benefits of EHS Software

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EHS (Safety) management is an ever-evolving industry that plays a crucial role in the workplace. It’s a large job with many responsibilities, from keeping track of various licenses and certifications to ensuring policies and legislation are being followed and most importantly, making sure all employees get home safe at the end of the day. Without proper organization and systems, this job can become overwhelming. Luckily, there is software designed specifically for managing and automating many of these functions. Online EHS programs offer proper and easy training management to achieve the best organization and systems. EHS software guides companies of all sizes toward complying with regulatory obligations by confronting critical challenges associated with risks.

Read on to learn the benefits of investing in EHS software.

1. Online orientations & digital onboarding

In addition to initial employee training, sorting out paperwork for new employees can easily become stressful and disorganized. EHS software can help simplify both of these processes for new hires and the company by offering a digital solution that is accessible from any internet-capable device. From digitally submitting certifications, to electronically acknowledging company rules and policies, EHS software can provide a huge ROI for companies during the orientation process.

EHS management systems can assist companies to adhere to regulations and avert safety incidents associated with daily tasks.

Optionally, you can verify the e-learner’s identity remotely using tools such as Virtual Proctoring.

2. Cross-company tracking for safety training compliance

Keeping track of all employees’ certifications and when they expire is no easy task. EHS software can both simplify and enhance certification tracking for online courses, competency-validations, classroom training and site orientations. In addition to tracking certifications expiry dates and integrating your training matrix, you can track progress on training hours, review gap reports, and have full access to course test results. All of this is critical information for EHS management. Safety software will go a long way to keep things organized by ensuring that the needs of trainees are properly met.

3. Information accessible on-demand from anywhere

Whether there is a new company policy being implemented, an online training course or a digital form that is used on remote job sites, EHS software ensures that the entire company has access on-demand, wherever they may be located. This is ideal for any company that has employees who work remotely or who are constantly traveling. The safety software also simplifies the process of managing records, which makes it easier for you to access them without any difficulty.

4. Access to industry-leading, online training courses

There are constantly new advancements in the safety industry. Keep your employees up to date with access to latest training courses for their industry, including Ground Disturbance 201, WHMIS, Fall Protection, and more. Over 600 titles from 70 vendors can be accessed from one central location!

5. Manage driver information

Commercial drivers have a number of different requirements that need to be kept track of including specific training, tracking commercial licenses, mandatory medical exams, driver’s abstracts and more. EHS software can keep track of all of this, as well as send notifications when licenses and medical certificates are approaching their expiry date. With this EHS Safety software, you will not face any issue of saving and tracking information of drivers as the device is fully automated to perform this accurately and efficiently every time.

6. Manage & coordinate in-person training sessions

Some courses and training just need to be done in person. With EHS software these are still easy to track and manage. Sync up in-person training sessions with the software’s calendar and it becomes that much easier to manage training schedules.

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