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5 Reasons to Take A Fall Protection Course Online

Benefits of Fall Protection Course

Fall Protection Online Course - Worksite SafetyInterested in a fall protection course? The five reasons below are an outline of the variety of benefits offered by SET Safety’s online fall protection course. Forget conventional in-class teaching– our fall protection course cites Alberta OH&S Legislation and is the most efficient, cutting edge way to learn. Read on for more!

#5: No scheduling issues

Typical fall protection courses can require a full day of classroom time, which is impractical considering most people’s demanding lives. SET Safety’s courses do away with all issues such as dealing with no-shows, organize numerous schedules and sourcing hands-on trainers.

#4: Ease of use

SET Safety’s online courses are a perfect combination of efficiency and convenience. Your fall protection theory requirements can be fulfilled in-office, at home, in a coffee shop– anywhere with a reliable Internet connection! Learning can happen any time of day and at any pace, no matter what your needs are as a student.

#3: Positive learning environment

Students guide themselves through SET Safety’s online fall protection courses and we ensure the material is both easily understood as well as fun and interactive! Leave stuffy classrooms and droning instructors in the past– online courses are the cutting edge wave of the future.

#2: Learn at your own pace

When taking an Alberta fall protection course online with SET Safety, the student is in control! All progress is saved as it is completed and students can complete sections individually in different sessions.

#1: Lower cost

Whether part of a personal or corporate budget, you or your employees’ training is an easy area to save money thanks to SET Safety’s online fall protection course. No supplies, no instructors, no classrooms, no work-time lost– there is simply no financial downside to online information delivery.

There it is: SET Safety’s top five reasons to take our online fall protection course! Have more questions? We have the answers! Contact SET Safety today.


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