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First Aid Training Certificate OnlineEach day our daily lives present us with multiple types of hazards. Everything from driving to working at our jobs present us with a unique set of hazards. Any one of these hazards may cause personal injury. Those with the proper training can react quickly and effectively in the event of an injury. Standard first aid certification will provide this training to those who receive their certification. The application of this training can treat a variety of injuries and potentially save a life.

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Standard first aid certification is provided by a number of safety training companies in Alberta. Though there is a wide variety in first aid certification training providers, the content of the training has been standardized. The standard first aid certification training will cover the appropriate treatment for fractures, shock, bleeding and head and spinal injuries. Standard first aid certification training will also include training on the treatment of burns, eye injuries, choking, poisoning as well as many other types of injuries. This training will also include training on the initial scene assessment as well as the legal implications of administering first aid to injured individuals. Many types of first aid training also include CPR training and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training.

Importance of First Aid Training

Achieving first aid certification is neither difficult nor time consuming. Most standard first aid certification courses can be completed in one to two days, depending on the type of first aid training you wish to receive. Many safety training providers also offer first aid training in a blended format with first aid theory delivered online and practical training delivered in the classroom. This type of online training provides students with a flexibility that traditional classroom training does not. There are many choices for standard first aid certification training, but whatever the method of standard first aid certification you choose, the training you receive will be the same.

First Aid Training Course Duration

After you have completed the necessary training, you must pass a final exam to receive your standard first aid certification. This exam is meant to ensure that students have retained the information they received during the training and can properly apply the training. A minimum pass mark is set for this exam to ensure that students have a sufficient understanding of the training.

Standard first aid certification training provides students with a well-rounded knowledge of first aid techniques, their proper application and the implications associated with administering first aid to assist those who are ill or injured. With this knowledge you will be prepared to react effectively in an emergency situation, potentially saving the life of someone who is ill or injured.

Top 10 First Aid Workplace Safety and Awareness Courses Online

  1. First Aid – The Basics
  2. First Aid in Construction Environments
  3. CPR/ First Aid (OSHA)
  4. Standard First Aid Theory
  5. Safety Awareness for New Employees
  6. Workplace Safety Basics: In Case of an Emergency
  7. Safety Knowledge Evaluation (SKE)
  8. Maritime First Aid (OSHA)
  9. First Aid – Medical Emergencies – International
  10. First Aid – Choking

First Aid

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