Ground Disturbance 201 Course Endorsed by Alberta Common Ground Alliance.

SET Safety’s Ground Disturbance Training Recognized Across Canada

One of SET Safety’s most popular online courses is Ground Disturbance Training for Workers or Supervisors. Due to the rigorous standards of Alberta Common Ground Alliance and Enform IRP 17 requirements, SET’s course stands out, as it is fully approved and recognized as fulfilling both regulations. This means our convenient, approximately 3-hour course leaves you or your employees with an endorsed certificate of completion.

The SET Safety Advantage

Whether you require level 1 or 2 of Ground Disturbance training, SET Safety’s course is backed by ABCGA via Astec Safety. Upon successful completion, you or your staff will be equipped to handle all aspects of underground facilities, relevant regulations, risks and dangers, permits and agreements, individual and group responsibilities and safety requirements. Only SET Safety provides all this in our streamlined access points and fully customizable tracking services.

When does the Certificate Expire?

SET Safety’s Ground Disturbance Training for Workers or Supervisors certificate of completion endorsed by the ABCGA is valid for 3 years from the completion date. You can receive a physical copy, which displays the official logos of all governing bodies.

If you have any questions or concerns about Ground Disturbance training, contact SET Safety today. We offer free group accounts for bulk purchases and many other convenient services. Our experts at SET Safety standing by to address your needs with professionalism and years of customer service experience.

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