Hazard Assessment Training for Workers

Workplace Safety and Prevention – Hazard Identification, Assessment, and Control

Benefits of Fire Safety Training

Each worksite presents different hazards to workers. Each of these hazards must be assessed to determine the level of risk the hazards present and the controls that must be put in place to control or eliminate the hazards. Hazard assessment training teaches workers how to properly complete this process to keep their worksite safe.

Importance of hazard assessment

Hazard assessment training educates workers on the importance of hazard assessment and the reasons for the process. The students will learn the Occupational Health and Safety legislation that applies to hazard assessment, elimination and control. Students will also learn how to correctly perform a hazard assessment including identifying hazards, evaluating the hazards identified, determining the risk presented by the hazard, and prioritizing all the hazards that have been identified.
Hazard awareness training will also provide hands-on exercises to practice each student’s hazard assessment capabilities and allow them to apply what they have learned in a practical manner. At the end of each module there may be a quiz to test the student’s understanding of the material that has been covered. Upon completion of the course students will be required to achieve a minimum pass mark on their final exam to receive their certification.

What is Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)?

Hazards assessments are required by Occupational Health and Safety legislation and is therefore important for all workers to know and understand how to properly perform hazard assessments. All workers affected by the hazards on the worksite must be included in the assessment, identification and control of the hazards on the worksite. All workers should therefore be properly trained in correct hazard assessment.

Hazard assessment policy and procedures

Though each company generally has its own hazard assessment policy and procedures, the general concept remains the same. Hazard assessment training courses will cover the basic concepts of hazard assessment and control, allowing students to apply the training they receive in their workplace.
With all workers properly trained and completely involved in hazard identification and assessment, the worksite will be a safer environment. With more trained eyes available to spot hazards, more hazards will be identified and controlled. This will mean fewer work-related accidents and injuries.

Hazard assessment training course

A comprehensive hazard assessment training course provides students with the knowledge they need to correctly perform a hazard assessment. Students can then identify, assess and control hazards at their worksite. With the hazards identified and controlled, the worksite will be safer and the workers will be less likely to have a work-related accident or injury.

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Hazard Assessment-Online Training Course

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