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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Learning Management System

5 Tips To Choose The Right LMS

The following information is a short introduction to SET Safety’s cutting edge Learning Management System– available to all of our clients so they can easily handle training and certification. Read on!

1. Ease of Use

SET Safety’s LMS (Learning Management System) is totally streamlined for all users. Whether you are an administrator, employee or trainee– navigating through and getting the most out of your online training is easy to accomplish when you don’t waste any valuable time with difficult-to-use interfaces or unfriendly design. Try the best and forget the rest!

2. Build/host Internal Assets

Courses, training resources, internal surveys and testing/exams can all be built and hosted in-house. This allows an unprecedented level of hands-on management without any of the time consuming effort of physically filing this information. Leave the competition in the dust with SET Safety’s internal asset management tools.

3. Push to Devices

In this world of smartphones, tablets and laptops, it can sometimes seem difficult to communicate across all of these platforms. Luckily for managers, SET Safety’s LMS is designed to push essential information to all of your employees’ or trainees’ devices. At the push of a button, you will know that everyone in a specific network has received the resources and notifications necessary to learn and work at the best of their abilities.

4. ‘White Label’ LMS

Our LMS is totally customizable and can be skinned with your corporate brand, logo, design and aesthetic. Ensure your employees and trainees enjoy a seamless learning experience with our ‘white label’ or ‘no-name’ assets. SET Safety prides itself on working behind the scenes and making our clients look good.

5. Reports, Alerts & Tech Support

Worried about unexpected issues or a backlog of information? Don’t worry! SET Safety’s LMS has built-in reporting, custom alerts and full-scale tech support service. Our staff is standing-by 24/7 to keep you up and running, keeping you and your business productive.

Other Bonuses

Online Safety training library available to all users;

The above breakdown is only a small summary of SET Safety’s comprehensive LMS services. If you are curious or have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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