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Streamline your training management with SET Safety’s Classroom Management System. Create training events, reserve classrooms, collect payments and more with this interactive online tool that is sure to make training management a breeze. Read on for a list of the benefits our software can offer your company.

Benefits of Classroom Management

SET Safety’s internal classroom management is an easy way to upgrade and enhance your training procedures. The following is a list of benefits offered by our digital delivery education package:

  • Eliminates loss of productivity to time spent on organizing training programs: self-registration, course confirmation and reminder emails keep involvement to a minimum.
  • Automates time-consuming manual input: our certificate generator will instantly create a certificate for each student upon the completion of the course. A training record will also be created for each individual that logs their completed courses.
  • Introduces dynamic and interactive control of training resources and management terminals: create training programs completely customizable to your company’s needs. Need to make a change? No problem. Making changes to any aspect of a training program is easy and quick to do.

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Using SET Safety’s internal classroom management programs in conjunction with training record management software takes your level of customizable control to the next level. Integrating these systems is one of the easiest ways to eliminate time-wasting “busywork” and boost your staff’s productivity. Veteran employees and new hires alike will benefit greatly from the time you reclaim from inefficient training practices.
Enter the modern age of technology and integration with SET Safety’s hassle-free internal classroom management, and start saving time today!

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