Buyer's Guide to a Learning Management System

Learning Management System Buyer’s Guide

9 Important LMS Features

Learning Management System - A Buyer’s GuideFinding the right Learning Management System (LMS) with all the features you need, can be challenging. To aid in the process, we’ve built this guide to outline all of the factors that should be considered when looking for a new LMS program.

The Must-Have Features of a Learning Management System

With so many Learning Management System (LMS) options on the market, there’s important system-functions will that play into your decision. Download the full LMS buyer’s guide to access details on features such as:

  • Exam Engine security & SCORM compatibility
  • Data security & cloud access
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Online Orientations & Onboarding
  • Digital forms and competencies
  • Training Matrix automation
  • Mobile access and ease of use
  • Access to third-party online compliance courses
  • API/ SSO integration

Top Factors to Consider When Selecting an LMS

An LMS platform can help you to gain automation and productivity, along with the following benefits:

  • Transferring Knowledge
  • Saving Money
  • Improving Company Safety
  • Reducing Administration
  • Competency Validation
  • Data Security

A LMS can be an important tool and extremely valuable to your organization. Learning Management Systems can provide access to a wide variety of tools, and create unique learning paths and training programs to personalize and customize training based on role, location, etc. Not only does this save training costs, which can get very expensive, but it aids in employee retention and increased revenue.

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Investing in a corporate LMS is a big decision, and the process can seem daunting, especially given how many options there are on the market. Understanding what you need from an LMS, what an LMS can do to help your organization, and whether you need to adapt your system to accommodate an LMS, or vice versa, are all important considerations.

Hopefully, this guide will help point you in the right direction and help you decide which system is best for your organization.

Everything you need to know about selecting LMS. A complete guide to how to choose the right Learning Management System for your business needs.

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