LMS-Advantages of Online Learning

Advanced LMS features; what you might not know is available

Important Learning Management System (LMS) Features

LMS ApplicationsTraining compliance is a major task for any Organization. When building and delivering online training courses thru your LMS, it’s important to have access to a wide variety of features and benefits. Not all Learning Solutions are made equal and many have limited functionality.
Outside of SCORM compliance, mobile-friendliness, matrix automation & ease-of-use, here are two exciting LMS features that can be game-changing:

1. Digital Form Integration with online courses

By allowing digital paperwork to integrate into online training courses, it opens up a world of possibilities:If an employer wishes to streamline the onboarding process with new employees, this functionality can digitize all tax forms, policy sign-offs, new-hire documents and even employee-submissions of training tickets & void cheques. Bear in mind this process is now INSIDE of your online course and form-completions could be sent to HR, Payroll or Safety for final sign-off and review.Blended-learning and skills-based competencies can be managed thru online training with digital forms as well. For example, if a user takes an online Fall Protection course (theory portion), the system will send a ‘weighted’ competency form to a trainer or supervisor to complete with the employee. Once this competency-validator ‘passes’ the employee on the in-person skills and submits the digital form, THEN the online course is pushed to complete. Given that forms could include videos, pictures and multiple sign-offs, this takes proof-of-competency to another level. This model of half-online & half in-person training (blended learning), has a very high retention-rate for content.

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2. Virtual Proctoring

Using participant-verification Technology you can legally validate an online learner’s identity for the training course delivered. This verification process uses the device’s webcam to take pictures of both the participant and their government-issued photo ID as well as video-monitoring the session. Numerous options are available to ‘flag’ potential issues with users leaving the session, sleeping, using other devices or screens and more. It’s important that although the user may pass the course exam, they may fail the proctoring process.The ID verification process should not fall on your LMS administrators. Best-practice is that the system automates this fully and alerts your company of any issues. For Canadian organizations, ensure that your proctoring partner stores all information on Canadian servers so not to be affected by the US patriot act and any issues with confidentiality.As training & safety-compliance becomes more complex, it’s important to understand that there are robust applications available to help you and your organization succeed. Learn more or schedule a demo to chat with our team.

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