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ONLINE vs CLASSROOM: Saving Costs on Ground Disturbance Training

Guide to Pricing Out Ground Disturbance (201) Training

Online Ground Disturbance Training

When deciding how to train your employees or associates, it can be difficult to choose between online or classroom courses. SET Safety is here to settle the debate! Read on for our guide to pricing out Ground Disturbance (201) training courses and how you can make more room in your budget.

Provincial Regulations

First things first: the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA)– the governing body that decides safety regulations for ground disturbance– has declared SOME online courses to be equivalent to classroom courses. So you can rest easy if you have any fears about online training being less effective than the alternative. In fact, many students report more consistent instruction and retention from online resources.

Cost & Value

Classroom training typically costs $150-200 per seat, consisting of 8 hours of lecture. Scheduling challenges, travel and accommodation costs and the cost of paying an employee for 8 hours of non-productive time are all associated with classroom training.

Online training is only $95 per “seat” and is completely self-paced. The same amount and quality of information is covered in 3.5 hours, yet includes more streamlined and interactive material.

Do the Math

If you train 50 employees in-class at a wage of $30/hour, you are paying upwards of $15,950! And that’s without factoring in other costs such as travel and classroom supplies.
If you train 50 employees online at the same wage, your costs could be as low as $10,000. That’s a savings of almost $6,000– only scratching the surface of the savings you can unlock through online training.

As you can see, there is very little to support classroom training. That is why SET Safety fully endorses results from its online course catalogue. Ground Disturbance (201) is just one of the many training courses your business can benefit from– make sure you contact us today for a full assessment of your needs and the savings we can find for you.


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