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Benefits of Online Micro-learning for Safety Training

Boost Corporate Training ROI Through Microlearning

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Traditional safety training methods can eat up hours of employee productivity. Learn how a new method – micro-learning – is increasing user engagement and saving companies thousands of dollars in the process.

The Disadvantages of Traditional Training Methods

Traditionally, safety training has been very “event-oriented” – employees go to a class or take an online course. In order to complete the training, the employee is taken away from their normal work activity, which results in many hours of lost productivity across a company. For example, think about a company with 1,500 employees. If each employee is required to complete one hour of training a month to uphold their safety training requirements, that’s 12 hours per year they are away from their job. Across the entire company, that’s 18,000 hours of lost work every year.
Traditional training methods also don’t always do a great job of keeping learners engaged or getting the information to “stick”. Scheduling conflicts and busy schedules can make is next to impossible to get a class planned. Things pop up – sickness, other obligations, etc. and ultimately some attendees will end up missing the class.

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Introducing: Micro-Learning

With micro-learning, online course modules are 3-5 minutes long – which is the optimal length for retention of information. Courses are designed to be delivered anywhere, even on a cell phone, which allows employees to complete courses on the go. While not everyone can schedule in an hour of training a day, everyone can find 3-5 minutes.
Courses can be grouped into larger curriculums for concepts and topics that take longer than 3-5 minutes to explain. This allows employees to “chip away” at a course by completing small sub-sections on their schedule.
With the introduction of micro-learning, the training game is completely changed. Training becomes part of an employee’s daily routine, instead of just an hour each month or year. By implementing micro-learning, companies have the ability to recover thousands of dollars of lost employee productivity.
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