ONLINE ORIENTATION: Streamlining Processes with Virtual Proctors

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Many companies shy away from online orientation for staff due to strict certification and safety requirements. When obligated to test or review a new employee’s competency, having a professional in the room seems like common sense. In this modern age of technology, we have bridged that gap thanks to innovations such as virtual proctors.
Virtual proctors are services or programs designed to authenticate the user’s identity and attendance to even the highest degree of sensitivity (via the computer’s webcam). From proving identities to signing tax forms or company policies, virtual proctors have become essential to online orientations. Why choose virtual proctoring? Read SET Safety’s quick hit list below!


Thanks to virtual proctors, employees can take part in orientation no matter where they are and what their schedule is like. The security and stability of SET Safety’s virtual proctor service is second-to-none!


Never waste a day on orientation again– virtual proctors are available 24/7, so your orientations can happen well before the employee’s first day. Routine paperwork and other time-wasters will no longer get in the way of productivity.


Cast a wider net! You will bring in and retain better candidates thanks to the ease of scheduling online orientations. Getting employees to work (and earning) sooner has been proven to boost productivity and morale.


Less paperwork, leaner admin staff and minimal productivity loss are just some of the money saving advantages of virtual proctors. Online orientation is simply the most cost-effective hiring alternative on the market.
Are you ready to attract employees that will work better, fast and happier? Try switching to SET Safety’s online orientation services and watch your recruitment improve exponentially! Contact us today with any questions or concerns about virtual proctors– our friendly staff is standing by!

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