5 Reasons to Take Slinging & Rigging Training Online

Upgrade your skills, get a new job

Most important things you will learn slinging & rigging training onlineDo you need to take ‘Safe Slinging and Rigging’ training to get a new job, keep your position or further your career? Do your employees require up-to-date slinging or rigging safety techniques and regulations? SET Safety offers online safety training courses, built in alignment with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Read on for the top five reasons you or your staff should enroll online with SET Safety today!

#1: Budget friendly

With so few overhead costs– no teachers, supplies or venues required– there simply isn’t a cheaper alternative than online training. Maximize your earning potential or your employees’ work hours with SET Safety’s courses, available online 24/7.

#2: Convenient

Never squeeze a training session into your busy schedule ever again! Depending on the student, SET Safety’s online Safe Slinging and Rigging courses can be finished in just a few hours of downtime or spread out at the learner’s preferred pace.

#3: Effective education

SET Safety has perfected the self-guided and interactive online courses that are the bedrock of modern workforce training. Experts agree that students learn better in a comfortable environment– with our online training, each user can learn whenever and wherever they learn best.

#4: Designed for everyone

Online training is not only for the tech savvy– SET Safety’s courses are user-friendly enough to be effective even with basic computer skills. Likewise, our Learning Management Systems can be used to their fullest potential on all devices thanks to an intuitive interface and cutting-edge design.

#5: Easy to manage

SET Safety’s Learning Management System (LMS) is fully customizable and just as user-friendly as our training courses. Stay on top of certification deadlines, training statistics or results and all relevant information with our LMS tools available across many platforms.

As you can see, there are very few drawbacks to SET Safety’s Safe Rigging and Slinging online training– and we only summarized the top five reasons! Contact us today for more information on all of our online courses and learning management solutions.


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