Learning Management System
6 Key Benefits of Online Corporate Training

Corporate training (often referred to as Workplace Learning), helps employees learn new skills and knowledge to hone professional growth and development. LinkedIn conducted a survey where 94% of

Ground Disturbance Hazards
Ground Disturbance: Risks, Safety & Training

Ground disturbance involves many different activities and may be performed for a variety of reasons. Common examples include: New home construction or exterior yard renovations

New Safety Courses
New Online Safety Training Courses Released

1700+ Occupational health and safety online  courses for Canada and the US.  Our online safety courses have been widely acknowledged and recognized by industry leaders,

33 New Driving Safety Awareness Courses

SET Safety’s online training library continues to grow with our exciting content-partnerships. Each week we release new courses covering topics on safety, driving, electrical, equipment

Hand Safety Awareness - Online Training Course
Why is hand safety so important?

7 Types of Common Hand Injuries Protecting your fingers and hands is critical for work and your quality of life. Work-related hand injuries are one

Excel Basics

Beginner to Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Course Online Certification Most workplaces integrate Microsoft EXCEL and require a general understanding of this robust platform. Excel tools

Forklift material handling

Why is safe material handling required? In large warehouses, material movement in bulk is quite common. Warehouse employees move these materials using forklifts, conveyors, pallet

Eye Safety Considerations

Eye protection – PPE Employee engagement is a huge factor in workplace PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) compliance and this ties heavily to the Safety Culture