Construction Industry Safety

Safety Moments – A Valuable Tool to Facilitate Discussions with Employees

Construction Industry Safety

In order to maintain a positive culture of safety in the workplace, it’s important to keep safety front-of-mind every day. Daily tailgate meetings are common in industrial & construction environments to prioritize safety and spark discussion around a variety of topics. For anyone facilitating these meetings, it can be challenging to find new & interesting ideas each day.

Construction Industry Safety

Safety Moments is a popular online program that showcases 19 separate short videos on a variety of topics in the workplace. These videos can help as a starting point for engaging discussions.

Some example videos include:

  • Driver Distraction – a major cause of collisions that is fully preventable.
  • Protect your head…You may need it. – Across almost every industry, there are a variety of different workplace hazards that may require the use of head and face protection.
  • Don’t Slip when getting in or out of the vehicle – Common daily activities like this are often overlooked with risks around icy conditions, back injuries and other hazards.
  • Road Rage – Prevention & confrontation and how to avoid it.
  • Lift with care to protect your back – It’s often the simple tasks that cause long-term consequences with back injuries.

Safety is everyone’s business and should be discussed every day. A safe and healthy workplace not only protects workers from injury and illness, but it helps to reduce workplace costs, absenteeism, project delays and employee turnover.

For a full list of all online safety training programs please visit our full course catalogue.

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  5. Health Hazards in Construction
  6. Electrical Safety for Construction: Power Lines and Lockout/Tagout
  7. Walking and Working Surfaces in Construction Environments
  8. Hand, Wrist & Finger Safety in Construction Environments
  9. Power Tool Safety for Construction
  10. Hand and Power Tool Safety Training
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