Streamline Workplace Efficiency with SafeTapp

Workplace Efficiency With SafeTapp Document Management Software.

SafeTapp is a mobile app that solves the challenges of managing field paperwork, accessing company documents & policies and tracking employee training certificates. Employers who can effectively access completed paperwork instantly and track employee safety certifications have the competitive advantage. This is especially true in industries where safety is highly regulated, and non-compliance is costly.

Benefits of SafeTapp

Conventional Methods

Conventional methods (where paper documents are used to track certifications and manage forms) are outdated and cumbersome. It is time-consuming when staff must go through filing cabinets and folders filled with papers to manage safety compliance. Paper documents are both tedious and impractical in addition to constantly being lost, misplaced or ruined on the way to the office. Paper-tracking methods made sense yesterday in a world without smart devices, but not anymore. Not with SafeTapp.

Competitive Advantage

Imagine being able to instantly access complete information about all safety forms, certificates and policy sign offs held across your organization. You could quickly make effective decisions, schedule asset maintenance, and update customers. Your decision-making itself becomes a huge competitive advantage and becomes a value-add process. For example, each time you begin a new project you can identify the staff who hold current certifications and which safety courses make the most sense to run before the project. Naturally, this syncs with a robust training matrix for automation across many roles, locations, and projects.

Company-branded Portal

You will know who is competent to work on the projects you operate, what paperwork has been filled out digitally and when courses are required. Your human resources team will love SafeTapp as it compiles information simply and on a mobile device, giving employers the ability to immediately find out who is qualified for what. Safety compliance has never been this simple. The online system login also provides access to dashboards, analytics, reporting and administrative controls in a company-branded portal.

Online / Offline Safety Training Courses

Another bonus offered by SafeTapp is the ability for employees to submit digital paperwork and their training records and certifications for approval. This significantly improves the currency of your information by placing the onus of maintaining current information on those who obtain the certifications and not you, your office staff, or your safety instructors. Employees who take safety training courses (even online safety courses via the APP) have the incentive to submit their certifications through the app because they want to be employable on projects. Think about it: You announce a project, and the employees all complete safety certifications, file them through the app themselves, and suddenly you are work-ready. YES, it can be that simple.

How Do Employees Benefit?

Employees like using SafeTapp as they no longer need to use paper forms to fill out items like daily inspections, audits and more. Even offline (out of cell service), the employees can input pictures, videos, audio files, digital signatures and more into their forms – this all syncs to projects, assets, and administrators for the company.

Find Out More About SafeTapp Today!

Having a dynamic app like SafeTapp means you’ll have real-time access to the status of your employees and field-paperwork. As certifications and training updates, so too does the data in the app, giving you an all-encompassing look at your operation and the skills found within.

Access to real-time data can impact your bottom line in time saved through reduced physical record-keeping in addition to more efficient time-sensitive decision-making. Having access to all the detailed information regarding your workforce’s skills and training can only embolden you as a decision-maker. This can work out to handling more work at once while offering improved employee time balancing.

For more information, contact SET Safety and one of our representatives can walk you through the app and its features. Streamline your business decision-making with a modern solution.

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