Benefits of Online Fall Protection Training

Many occupations and industries require workers to work at heights but working safely while at heights is not an easy task. Fall protection training is important to help workers know and understand the dangers of working at heights and the ways in which they can work more safely while at heights.

Using ladders, working from scaffolding, and working above equipment are all dangers associated with working at heights. These dangers are often present at many work sites. Work-related accidents involving falls from a height are far too common – falling is one of the four most frequent types of fatal accidents investigated by safety officers. Falls like this can cause severe injury and even death. The importance of workers having and using the necessary training to work safely at heights cannot be overstated.

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Legislation dictates the requirements for training workers that may work at heights. The Legislation states that workers must utilize fall protection if they are working where they may fall vertically 3 meters or more. Workers must also be protected from falls if they are working above a hazardous substance or object, even if the fall is less than 3 meters. This legislation has been put in place to ensure workers are protected while working at heights.

To adhere to the Health and Safety Legislation and safely work at heights workers must have the proper fall protection training. This training educates workers on fall protection basics, fall protection systems and fall protection equipment. The training also covers the legislation that governs fall protection and the necessary emergency response planning. Properly utilized this training can prove invaluable for the protection of workers.

Fall protection training is most often offered in a traditional classroom setting, but online fall protection training is now being offered by many training institutions. Online safety training offers an excellent alternative to classroom training. Online fall protection training delivers the same information that classroom training delivers while allowing students greater scheduling flexibility and the ability to learn at their own pace.

Online fall protection training allows workers to learn the necessary fall protection information without having to attend a classroom training session. Fall protection training offered online still covers the same information that classroom training covers. All topics, including anchor points, fall protection systems, and fall protection equipment, are all included in online fall protection training. This ensures that students receive the same quality of training from the online training course as they would from a classroom training session.

Once students have completed the online fall protection training course, their knowledge is tested with a secure online test. A minimum pass mark is usually set for this test to ensure that students fully understand the information they have learned. This minimum pass mark is set to ensure students have retained the information they have learned and that they will be able to apply the training they have learned in the workplace.

Fall protection training is important for workers working at heights in the workplace. The proper application of this training can save the life of a worker involved in a fall. Online fall protection training offers a convenient method to receive this valuable training providing workers with the information they need to make safe decisions while working at heights.


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