5 Tips for a Successful Worksite Orientation

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Hiring a new employee is not a simple task. Once you’ve made it through the selection process and chosen your new hire, there is the daunting task of orientation and training. Read on for our tips on how to create a successful worksite orientation program.

Prepare your new hires

Starting a new job can be a bit nerve-wracking at any age. Help ease the process by providing your new hire with a checklist of things they should bring to orientation, and a schedule of what to expect for their first day, or even their first week. If there is a specific dress code that employees need to follow, be sure to let them know in advance.

Share company values

While companies like to stress that everyone is part of the team, the first impression you make could say otherwise. It’s important to let your new employees know not only what the company values and stands for, but how their new position contributes to the organization and helps achieve their goals.

Do the paperwork beforehand

No one likes doing paperwork. For a new hire, the first day is overwhelming enough as is without needing to tackle a mountain of documents and paperwork. Take the pressure off by having your new hires complete paperwork before their first day on the job. This leaves more time for a proper orientation and saves the company time and money.

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Build a program that works

One of the best ways to ensure onboarding and orientation runs smoothly is to put together an official orientation program online. This makes it easy to repeatedly run orientations and ensures that every new hire gets the correct information during their training. Talk to your employees, including those who have gone through and conducted an orientation. Find out what did and didn’t work well and use that for your starting point. This may take some time and resources up front, but it will benefit your company in the long run.

Invest in an LMS

Did you know that all of the above tasks and more can be taken care of through the right learning management system? These online training systems allow new hires to get started on the orientation process before ever stepping foot on the jobsite – even directly from a mobile phone! From electronic form and document submissions online to digital policy sign-offs, building online orientation programs complete with virtual proctoring is an amazing way to save money and streamlines the entire orientation process.

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