SAFETY TRAINING: 5 Benefits of Blended Learning

Traditional Safety Training Methods

Advantages of Blended Learning

Modern safety training is commonly delivered in two forms: classroom and online. Due to the industry’s growing needs, a new philosophy has developed that combines both! Known as blended learning, this teaching strategy uses elements of both traditional safety training methods. Read on for five benefits of the competency-based, blended learning used in SET Safety’s courses.

  1. Consistency is key
  2. Be more productive
  3. Better retention, better employees
  4. Simplify communication
  5. Under one roof

Read on for five benefits of the competency-based, blended learning used in SET Safety’s courses.

#1: Consistency is key

Blended safety education means every trainee starts on the same page via online courses. Once this seed is planted, trainees can be brought into a classroom setting to compare and contrast their notes. This process ensures consistent theory delivery across the board.

#2: Be more productive

When using blended teaching, broad strokes can be accomplished during downtime via online courses. This conserves and limits valuable classroom time to essential discussions and competency testing. Allow your employees to be more productive with blended safety training.

#3: Better retention, better employees

To save time and money, employers often try to condense safety training for a big group into one day– hardly an optimal learning environment. Even if that’s not the case, trainees and students regularly show better material retention when they can revisit it through online resources.

#4: Simplify communication

Thanks to uniform delivery, blended safety training allows instructors to focus on strengthening weak points and testing skills. Instead of repeating the same course over and over again, any on-site training can be tailored to each trainee’s needs.

#5: Under one roof

Blended learning may seem complex, but it can be totally streamlined thanks to SET Safety’s online safety management system. Simple interface, complete customizability and fully updated requirements are just a few of the advantages offered by our program.

Leverage modern technology with proven practices by investing in a blended training program from SET Safety! The benefits listed above are only a small selection– contact us today with any of your questions or concerns.

Blended Learning

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