5 Benefits of Training Record Management

Training Record Management Software.Are you still entering training statistics by hand onto an Excel sheet? You or your staff may be wasting valuable work hours on a process that could be easily automated and managed in the cloud.

With training and certification regulations tighter than ever, it is vitally important to have simple and quick access to your essential records. SET Safety’s training record management system is a great way to get a leg up on a mess of data. With the seamless interface and hassle-free functionality, there is no downside to upgrading your current record management procedures. Read on for a list of benefits!

SET Safety’s Training Record Management System Benefits

#1: Infinitely customizable.

In the modern economic landscape, flexibility is essential– oftentimes you must adapt or risk going out of business. Thanks to SET Safety’s totally adjustable training record management system, you can fine-tune your training requirements at the drop of a hat via your custom integrated training matrix.

#2: Cost-effective.

Once you factor in the cost of wages, hard copies, storage and shredding– there simply is no comparison in cost to our record management systems. SET Safety offers easier access at a fraction of the price of traditional training record management.

#3: Built-in project management.

Assigning training to employees is one thing, but ensuring it all gets done on time is another task entirely. With just one click, the training record management system will compile a list of individuals who have yet to complete their training. Automated notifications make it easy to notify all employees of what courses they need to take, and when these courses expire.

#4: Increased connectivity.

Bringing your training record management online and into the modern age of technology brings many benefits. Our “always connected” system is easily accessible on mobile devices, providing you with instant updates and automatic upgrades that ensure you are permanently in the loop.

#5: Ease of use.

Employers and employees alike will appreciate the straightforward presentation and function of SET Safety’s training record management system. Using the Excel upload feature, it takes only minutes to upload and create thousands of training records. The intuitive interface makes it easy to sort your records by categories like name, course, expiry date and more.

The above list is only a brief summary of the benefits of SET Safety’s online training record management. If you have any questions or concerns, contact SET Safety today! Our staff is standing by to assess your needs and give you a detailed, custom-tailored plan for your business’ future.

Training Record Management System

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