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YOU HAVE A POINT: The Importance of Reducing Demerits

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Demerit Reduction Program

Whether caught speeding or worse– most of us have demerits or know someone with demerit points. Demerits are not permanent, but they can be a major inconvenience if you accumulate them via your driving habits. Our handy guide below outlines the details of the demerit point system in Alberta, as well as SET Safety’s demerit-reducing Defensive Driving course.

What is a demerit point?

The Government of Alberta put the demerit system in place so ‘demerits’ or ‘demerit points’ could be registered against all Alberta operators licences. Depending on the offense, different amounts of demerit points are assigned to your record by law enforcement. Accumulating demerits can lead to discipline and loss of privileges.

Consequences of demerit points

  • 8 demerits (less than 15):Government of Alberta Ministry of Transportation will mail you a notice to inform you of your standing;
  • 15 or more demerits (two-year period):Alberta operators licence is automatically suspended for one month;
  • 2 demerit suspensions (one-year period):Alberta operators licence is automatically suspended for three months;
  • 3 demerit suspensions (two-year period): Alberta operators licence is automatically suspended for six months, additional discipline possible.

NOTE: After a suspension, your licence is reinstated with 7 demerit points.

Removing demerit points

There are only two ways to reduce your demerit points total in Alberta. From the Alberta Transportation website:

  1. “When two years have elapsed from the date of a conviction, the number of points assessed for that conviction are removed from your record…
  2. If an approved defensive driving course has been successfully completed prior to accumulating 15 or more points, a maximum of 3 demerit points may be removed… once every two years.”

The safer system

Set Safety offers The Government of Alberta approved online Defensive Driving program for a 3-demerit reduction. A fully interactive program, our 6-hour course teaches the SAFER System– our trademarked drivers’ education program. Each student is given 3 attempts to achieve 80% on the final exam, but they are asked questions throughout the material to ensure retention and comprehension. Once completed, a government form will be sent to your home within 7 days that you can then take to your local registry for a demerit reduction.

NOTE: Out-of-province operators can take the course, but are not eligible for the 3-demerit reduction (certificate of completion will be provided).

Group Accounts

Group accounts are SET Safety’s specialty! Whether ordering courses upfront or choosing a ‘pay-as-you-go’ option, we can cater to your exact needs. Group accounts are free of unnecessary charges such as setup, monthly and per-user fees.

Are you looking to reduce your demerits? Need to manage the licences of a large, dynamic workforce? SET Safety can provide the right Defensive Driving training (including demerit reduction)! Our sleek, interactive online course is recognized by the Government of Alberta– offering an efficient alternative to the classroom environment. Contact us today for an assessment of your needs; our helpful associates are standing by, ready to help!


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