Work Site Orientations

Effective Online Orientations for work-sites or onboarding new Employees. 

Streamline your organization’s onboarding process by reducing administration and having everything completed before workers show up on site.

New Employee Orientation
Employee Onboarding Software - Access from Anywhere

Securely Store Orientations for Remote Access from Anywhere

Online Employee Orientation Program and Learning Management System

Records of Completed Orientations for Every Employee

Workplace health and safety training

Custom Content Specifically Designed for Your Business and Your Safety Policies

Worksite Orientation SoftwareWorksite Orientation Software Online

Streamline your onboarding process with the latest and greatest innovations in online training.

Let us help you implement adaptive learning that can that can provide experienced workers with high-level updates, key information, and brand new knowledge while providing new workers all the in-depth information, background knowledge, and learning needed to get up to speed.

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Full Customization

Virtual Proctoring - Secure Trusted

Virtual Proctoring

Using the employee’s webcam, we can virtually proctor your orientation, ensuring users pay attention to the content and verify their identity.

Online Certificate Management System

Certificate Upload Technology

Workers can upload all their historical training directly into the orientation. These records will automatically populate in their account after being verified by a supervisor or manager

LMS Messaging System

President’s Message

Using technology as simple as a cellphone, it’s easy to take a video of the president addressing the team, then upload the message directly into the orientation.

Shareable Content Object Reference Model - Industry standard for eLearning interoperability

Mainstream Multimedia

Admins can upload your current orientation directly into the system, whether it consists of videos, HTML5 files, or PowerPoint slides. Workers can then access it through any Internet-ready mobile device.

Hands-on Interactive Safety Training

SCORM Complaint

Both SCORM 1.2 and 2004 files can be uploaded directly into your orientation for easy access.

Learning Management System (LMS) Software with Self-Learning


By creating a website link to your orientation, you can have contractors or employees simply click to access the orientation, setting up an account for themselves in minutes.

Online Examination System - Mobile and Web Based

Exam Engine

Using the system’s integrated exam engine, it’s easy to pepper questions throughout the material for higher level of  employee engagement and knowledge retention.

Digital Form - Paperless Online Form Integrated with LMS

Digital Forms 

Digital forms can be included as part of the orientation, allowing employees to complete all of their policies, procedures, self-identifications, medial questionnaires, etc. right inside the course.

Collaboration by using an LMS

Collaborative Partnership

The beauty of online orientations is the seamless way the system communicates the training record of your departments. Send your Human Resource department the proper paperwork the second the course is complete. Provide instant verification to the supervisors once training requirements are met. Give gate security as easy way to check if personnel are validated for entry. All of this and more is possible through one, easy-to-use application.

What Our Customers Are Saying
Shauna S. Construction, 501-1000 employees
Learning and Development Manager
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The SET Safety LMS is comprehensive and versatile. Their level of customer service and support has been impressive. They are very responsive to all our questions and requests, including requests to customize features (for example, they helped us create a custom online new hire form that helped streamline our onboarding). There are also many features that have helped us improve our processes... we now build courses in-house and host them in this system; we assign and track course completions through the training matrix; we can assign access to training reports for management to better support their teams; and the list goes on. Thanks, SET Safety!
Ainsley F. Construction, 51-200 employees
HR Coordinator
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“Easy Access to Courses, Training Records & Reports!”

Overall: Since utilizing the SET Safety system our training record management and reporting have become more accurate and user-friendly. Courses offered to suit our needs in the Construction Industry and allow our employees access to required materials and coursework on any site, including remote locations. The support team has a great response time, which has only made our experience even more positive. Great service!

Pros: User friendly easy to train employees how to use the software.
Marc G. Retail, 1001-5000 employees
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“Satisfying and reassuring that we have made the right choice for our LMS.”

Pros: Flexible, scalable, and user-friendly. This is a powerful, well-designed LMS with all the necessary existing capabilities to easily meet our current online learning needs. As well, it has the flexibility to grow and incorporate our custom requests. We have been able to quickly and inexpensively customize several added-value functions that have allowed us to reduce the number of different applications we are required to use.

Cons: User friendly easy to train employees how to use the software.
Google Reviewer (7 Reviews)
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Wonderful company & top notch software! SET Safety's software has enabled my company to transition our on-boarding and orientation processes to being entirely online. It was low-stress, cost effective, and most of all user friendly. With any new software there is a slight learning curve but this was a non-issue thanks to their fantastic technical support. My overall experience with SET Safety has been overwhelmingly positive.
Kara P
Google Reviewer (4 Reviews)
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SET Training is a wonderful vendor to use. Our department has not encountered any problems with SET since we've been with them. Plus, it's convenient for employees to use because of how user-friendly it is! Morgan Douziech is always able to answer questions our team may have.