ONLINE TRAINING: 5 Tips to Stay Focused & On Track

Advantages of online safety training

Advantages of online safety trainingOne of the biggest advantages of online safety training is that the student can guide themselves at their own pace. While useful to most, it can actually be a detriment to certain learners that find it difficult to stay focused and on track. Are you easily distracted from your studies? Read on for SET Safety’s crash course in creating a positive learning environment and other useful tips.

#1: Limit distractions

The easiest way to lose productivity during self-guided learning is to allow yourself to be distracted. First, establish a study area away from TVs and other screens, turn off your phone and close any unnecessary windows or apps on your computer. Additionally, learn how to manage your lifestyle to accommodate your studies– late nights, unhealthy meals and physical setbacks can undo hours of learning progress.

#2 Schedule everything

Effective students create a routine– and then they stick to it! More than just a list of tasks, a good study schedule outlines your goals, sets out hours for work and even allows for breaks or rewards. Hours of straight cramming will only lead to burnout and loss of attention, so make sure you balance your life to ensure you have the energy to stick with online training.

#3: Get connected

Studying alone can be boring and confusing– so reach out to other learners for support. Chatrooms, message boards and study groups can all be helpful, but even casual conversations with people in the same situation can ease the burden of learning at your own pace.

#4: Keep perspective

At the outset of your online training, it may be difficult to imagine yourself getting to the finish line– especially if you have multiple courses to complete. That is why it is essential to chart your progress to keep it all in perspective. Tally simple milestones and track your successes, it will help minimize your failures while reinforcing the positive aspects.

#5: Use other tools

If you are learning online, you may think you can only use the computer to accomplish your tasks. While modern innovations do make learning easier, they aren’t the only things that can help! Don’t overlook low-tech tools like pencil and paper, library books and even a trusty calculator. Stepping away from your screen and using other methods can give you a different perspective and add to your productivity.

The tips above are only a few ways to stay focused and on track when taking part in online training. SET Safety’s courses are streamlined and designed to benefit students of all kinds, but do not be afraid of adding your own flair to help you along. Questions? Concerns? Contact us today!

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