Building Safety from the Ground Up: Pipeline Construction Safety Training

ONLINE Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST) – updated 2023 SET Safety is proud to announce our brand-new PCST online course designed to elevate your safety awareness during pipeline construction projects.   The content covered in this online course is presented in the following 10 chapters: General Overview General Hazards Chemical Hazards Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) […]

Workplace Safety Training

8 Key Advantages of Online Workplace Safety Training over Traditional Classroom-Based Training

Online workplace safety training has various advantages over traditional classroom-based training. Below are some important reasons why online training may be preferable for continuous material delivery and learner retention: 8 Key Advantages: Consistent Content Delivery Flexibility and Convenience Accessibility Increased Retention Time Savings Record-keeping Up-to-date Cost Savings 1. Consistent Content Delivery: With online training, all […]

Maximizing Workplace Safety: Quick Tips for Industrial Employers

Workplace safety is a vital part of any industrial sector that must be addressed carefully to avoid incidents, injuries, site damage and even worse, fatalities. There are many effective steps you can take to improve workplace safety, whether you work in construction, oil and gas, transportation, or manufacturing. Please note that the information below is […]

Revolutionizing Training: The Power of Learning Management Systems

For organizations with large distributed workforces, investing in a Learning Management System (LMS) can yield enormous rewards. A LMS can help to enhance the efficacy of training programs by providing online training, tracking, and reporting capabilities. The Return on Investment of Using a Learning Management System. Adopting a LMS has various advantages, including:   1. […]



Understanding GHS Symbols: A Guide to Chemical Hazard Classification and Communication Globally Harmonized System (GHS), formerly known as WHMIS 2015, defines and classifies the hazards associated with chemical products, and works to communicate health and safety information through labels and safety data sheets. Chemical products are placed in classes. Each class describes a different type […]

Ground Disturbance Safety

The Importance of Ground Disturbance Safety in Canada’s Construction, Oil & Gas, and Pipeline Industries

Ground disturbance safety is an integral element of training for workers in Canada’s Construction, Oil & Gas, and Pipeline industries. The Canadian Common Ground Alliance and related counter-parts (such as the Utility Safety Partners in Alberta or the BCCGA in British Columbia) are influential regulatory organizations. These bodies highlight the prevention of incidents, injuries, or […]

Construction Industry Safety

Working Safely in the Construction Industry: Helpful Safety tips for common Hazards

Construction is an ever-expanding industry, but with its growth comes many risks and hazards that workers and employers must be aware of. In Alberta, Canada, the construction sector is no exception. Below we will take a closer look at some of major risks in the construction sector followed by a few training tips. Please note […]

Corporate Client Program

Corporate Training Accounts

Implement and manage company training without the monthly per-user fees. For every company, safety training is critical tool for informing employees about workplace hazards and controls. Often a distributed workforce or fast-paced workplace environment can make training management a major challenge. Reduce the administrative work and cost of training your team. With SET Safety you […]