DIGITAL FORMS & DOCUMENTS: The Advantages of Embracing a Paperless Future

Digital Forms and Documents is Going Paperless with Digital TechnologySome of the earliest examples of the written word ever discovered were inventory lists made with stamps and clay tablets. As time wore on, civilizations advanced to ink and paper, which was later revolutionized by the invention of the printing press. In recent years, printing hit all-time highs of convenience and integration. Now, the dawn of a new technology has risen: digital record-keeping. Electronic forms and documents are not only easier on trees and budgets– they also allow for simpler administration and efficiency. Read on for a list of how SET Safety can streamline your business’ outdated practices.

Key Future of Digital Document Management System

Training Record Management

Don’t waste valuable resources on training manual hard copies, training rooms or filing cabinets– switch to SET Safety’s convenient training record management system today! 100% digital and secure: our system monitors, reports on and notifies administration of expired certification and other gaps in your team’s training.

Document Management

Never chase down an annual review, performance assessment, competency validation or any other kind form again! SET Safety’s integrated document management makes creating, assigning and managing employee-specific documents a breeze. Why commit staff and resources to maintaining paper files when it can all be accessed in a few clicks?

Electronic Forms

SET Safety’s mobile-friendly electronic forms are easy to create in our dynamic, drag-and-drop form-builder. Creating, filling out or sharing forms has never been easier thanks to real-time updates, notifications and interactions.

Excel Uploader

Microsoft Excel is synonymous in the business world, so SET Safety built an easy-to-use, streamlined client that can manage thousands of items with a stroke of a button. Lightning fast and always reliable, your reports, records and accounts will always be in order.

Canadian Cloud Storage

Sharing and accessing your business’ data is simple thanks to modern cloud-based data storage. Our servers are all completely secure and Canadian-based, leaving you with the peace of mind that your records can be accessed or edited at any time. PEER 1’s Mission Critical Cloud tech protects your information with HTTPS encryption, dedicated firewalls, virus protection and much more.


The days of poring through a pile of papers is over: finding what you need is SET Safety’s specialty! Built-in search engines allow you to sort records by email addresses, course numbers, first, last, company names or even usernames.

The above features are just a sampling of some SET Safety’s best tools for digital forms and document management. Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment and quote for your business’ needs.

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