ONLINE CERTIFICATION: Making Life Easier for Safety Professionals

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Avoid the hassle of paperwork, calendars, sticky notes or worse– SET Safety’s online certificate tracking makes life easier for everyone in the industry! Our record management systems are cutting edge, easy to use and totally customizable. Still not convinced? Read on for a few of the most helpful features of online certification.

Never Miss a Deadline

Alerts and notifications pushed directly to devices will automatically notify of any certificates in danger of expiring. No more last minute scrambles to book training or expensive re-certification!

24/7 Access

By taking your certificate tracking online, both you and your employees can access the records any time of day/any day of the week. Confirm training results, ticket status and any upcoming deadlines on any device anywhere you have web access.

Automate Your Life

Tools such as training matrixes and automatic alerts will improve your training results– without ever having to lift a finger. SET Safety’s online certificate tracker is the ultimate time-saver: set it and forget it!

Close the Gap

With more cumbersome record keeping, it is easy for a workforce to develop gaps in its training. Not only can this be dangerous for safety professionals, but you can be shut down, lose permits or worse if your staff fails to meet certification. See training gaps instantly with SET Safety’s online solutions. Check out this short video on this robust feature.

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of online certificate tracking, contact SET Safety with any questions or concerns. Our staff is standing by to assess your needs with a customized records management system.

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