Online Safety Training Courses: Is It Right For You?

3 Strategies to Achieve Safety training compliance
Safety training is required for employees across all kinds of industries, especially the heavy-duty labor that makes up the backbone of Canada’s economy. The safety of working Canadians should be a priority for all employers– online training is often the most effective and convenient way to achieve this goal. Do you have questions or concerns about this process? Keep reading for SET Safety’s guide to online safety courses and decide for yourself if it is right for you! View Courses

SET Safety’s online workplace safety training courses helps your company to achieve safety training compliance.

Is online training appropriate for every learning style?

Typically, students of any skill level are broken up into three general categories of learning– touching, looking and listening. Classroom settings often fall short for some learners because the instructor favors one style or ignores other styles altogether. SET Safety’s online courses make use of a blended teaching style that integrates all three to engage every student’s preference.

What elements should be part of good online courses?

The following are some of the most important aspects of impactful and successful online instruction:

  • Testing is varied and challenging;
  • Up to date information and sources;
  • Text is blended with voice-over, images and video;
  • Interactive and non-repetitive content;
  • Available technical and learning support.
  • While there are many more qualities to look for, the items above are absolutely essential to productive online safety training.

Are there some examples of online learning activities?

To ensure students are connected with their training, SET Safety’s courses employ many different activities to enhance learning. Recall is tested by having the student put concepts in logical order or highlighting items that are out of place. Physically clicking to drag-and-drop objects or icons reinforces student engagement, while image matching or “spot the difference” games add variety.
The answers above briefly summarize the advantages of learning with SET Safety’s online training courses.
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