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Software for Digital Access Needs

Importance of Single Sign-On(SSO) IntegrationIn this age of digital resources, it can be difficult to juggle the numerous accounts, passwords and related information necessary to access these assets. If you struggle with this, SET Safety is here to reclaim the time and effort you lose to those problems. Our software can be easily equipped with ‘single sign-on’ features that streamline all of your digital access needs. Read on for a summary of the benefits of this revolutionary technology!

What Is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

The concept of single sign-on is a technology that allows users to authenticate their devices once, avoiding the hassle of numerous accounts and passwords. SET Safety’s Learning Management Systems (LMS) can be easily outfitted with SSO integration, seamlessly allowing your employees or trainees to access your full array of training resources.

Canadian Safety Training

If your business requires access to Canadian Safety training, you can access our massive selection of training courses and have SET Safety provide your LMS and other services. Our SSO integration grants access to over 500 safety-compliance courses without having to jump through the hoops of multiple sign-ons, accounts and numerous training providers.

Ease of Automation

Beyond accessing these databases, SET Safety’s LMS also updates automatically with information transferred back through the connected systems. Don’t chase down reports or results any longer– our system will save you time and money, so you can save your effort for important matters.

Go Mobile

SET Safety also provides Application Programming Interface (API) to link up other software solutions. Your staff or trainees will be kept up to date and fully certified, no matter where they are. Our system pushes all essential information across all devices, boasting user-friendliness, convenience and ease of use.
The concepts behind SSO and API may seem simple, but their impact is as effective as it is wide-ranging. SET Safety’s dynamic training services are designed to evolve and grow with your business. We can support staffs and training groups of any size with fully customizable levels of access and management. If you are curious about SSO or any related functions, contact us today! Our staff is standing by to give you a comprehensive assessment of your needs.

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